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"To find librarian-level help from home, have your child conduct research on ... Kidtopia. ... developed by school librarians with the goal of creating a better, safer way to research online and linking children to free educational resources.These sites help families in two ways. First, they allow kids to safely research online while maintaining their academic independence. Second, they help young students identify valuable sources and their distinguishing characteristics for future research projects.

"Jess Ledbetter`s Tour of Kidtopia on Youtube. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAWn1SmMmgY&feature=youtu.be"
               Jess Ledbetter

"My firsties were soooo excited to share the ahhhmazing information they learned about their animals from the website www.kidtopia.info/. They filled their response booklet with all the facts they learned and couldn't wait to share with their friends."
               Stephens Firsties

"To find librarian-level help from home, have your child conduct research on ... Kidtopia... developed by school librarians with the goal of creating a better, safer way to research online and linking children to free educational resources... allow(ing) kids to safely research online while maintaining their academic independence."
               HughesNet - Safe Research Sites For Your Kids

"Another Google Custom search, but this time with buttons that look like homework help. This would be good for those who genuinely want to explore a subject or just look around at science, social studies, art, or other subjects. All of the sites have been recommended by teachers and librarians, so everything has been vetted.
               Mrs. O's Library

"Created by librarians, teachers, and other education stakeholders, Kidtopia.info is a friendly Google custom search engine and web site directory for students in grades K-4. All web sites have been checked thoroughly and recommended by teachers, librarians or educational consortia, so you get reliable, age appropriate reources in your search results.
               English Elda

" ...this site is a conglomeration of cool websites for kids and teachers chosen by librarians to help with learning and planning
               Clements-Parsons Elementary Library, Copperas Cove, Texas

"Kidtopia is a nice educational search (COPPA/CIPA compliant) for grades K-6th. This search engine created by librarians uses Google's custom search engine to find educational sites, videos, games, and more. I highly recommend checking out Kidtopia ... Top 50 Sites/Apps, 2015

"Kidtopia is a great search engine for children in grades K-5. They learn to do simple research, or just browse through age appropriate topics. Find stories, videos, pictures, homework help, and more. It was created by school librarians and only uses websites recommended by teachers and school librarians. It is a Google custom search engine with just the info students are looking for...
               TLC's Blog on Tech in Schools

"Great resource for research and general information written on a level younger students can understand.
               GCCS Library, Gilboa, NY

"Created by librarians, teachers, and other education stakeholders, this Google custom search engine filters search results for kid-friendly research and offers links to several other databases.

"A con may be that the students will get limited results. However this is a good thing because the results will be teacher-approved. I could use this in the classroom by: assigning a mini research project, asking the students to explore a topic before we start the topic, and letting them find educational games of their interest that are approved.
               K Eng

"Kidtopia: Safe Google Alternative Search Engine for Students - Search through kid-friendly content and learn about countries, maps, travel & geography. Kidtopia is a great resource for elementary students.
               Non-Fiction Research Project

"Kidtopia provides students with (a) Google custom safe search engine fpr elementary students to research topics and material for the classroom. This tool provides videos and search results that are specific and guarded for students to access more efficiently.
               Carlyn Cosmini via StoryJumper

"Kidtopia has become my favorite search engine for students.
               Sherri Turner, Effingham Schools

"This search engine created by librarians uses Google`s custom search engine to find educational sites, videos, games, and more. I highly recommend checking out Kidtopia....!

"Kidtopia.info is a perfect search engine for children in grades K-3. They learn to do simple research, or just browse through age appropriate topics. Find stories, videos, pictures, homework help, and more on Kidtopia.info.
               Amy Armstrong via Pinterest

"Do you need a student safe search? Kidtopia is an educational search (COPPA/CIPA compliant) created by librarians for grades K-6. You can use it to find educational web sites, games, and videos. It`s a handy tool for classroom research.
               Marion School District Blog

"Kidtopia is an even more kid-friendly search engine that is a lot like WolframAlpha. There is a main search bar and below it are subjects to choose from, once you click on them, it takes you to sub-topics. After narrowing your search, you can type in whatever your question or topic is. I will definitely have to remember this website if I end up in a younger classroom. Love it!
               Krystal Taylor

"'One great website for students to use for research purposes is http://www.kidtopia.info/. I chose this website because students have the option to search things or they can choose a subject and a topic under that subject. The website then gives students different links for information, pictures, coloring pages, and videos. I think this is very kid-friendly for both appearance and usage. It also has some very helpful information for the students.
               Elizabeth Ray, Technology Integration Viewpoint

"'Kidtopia's user friendly allows the reader to explore a variety of topics... Students in all grades would be able to navigate this site and with support find the research necessary for research completion. I quite enjoyed exploring the Adventure Island where hovering, clicking, and scrolling catapulted me into unknown topics, appropriate videos, and articles. Kidtopia and its partners provide instruction, ideas, and information for all learners. Definitely a WIN-WIN for teacher and student!
               Library Journey

"'Kidtopia is a site created by school librarians for young students. It is a directory and search engine including only websites which have been recommended by teachers. This is a fantastic resource for K-Y3 students.
               Intertech Education

"'Kidtopia is an excellent website for elementary age students to locate information. It is easy to use and it provides links to safe websites. This prevents younger students from using search engine sites such as Google, Bing, etc. where they could potentially come across information that would be unsafe or unreliable.
                Taylor Sturkie

"'Infotopia (http://www.infotopia.info) and Kidtopia (http://www.kidtopia.info) are great kids search engines.
                Kara Arndt , Teacher and blogger, http://readers-r-leaders.blogspot.com/ (via Twitter)

"'This site runs like Google, but everything has been preapproved by librarians and teachers. I haven`t come across anything that was blocked.
                Lori Wallis, Librarian, Williow Creek Elementary (via Tucker Tech Talk -
                Kid Friendly Search Engines)

"'Google rocks, but it's not the only band in town!' Joyce Valenza … Google is great… However, there are MANY alternate search engines which can be accessed to achieve different results or are more appropriate for different learning styles. (Kidtopia) A site specifically created for primary school students, therefore the results are very appropriate - age and topic wise. Sites are only included on Kidtopia after recommendations by Teachers, Teacher Librarians and educational bodies. This extremely student friendly site can be searched by entering a term on the home page or by narrowing into one of the subject categories.
                Busby Public School iCentre, New South Wales, Australia

"The Infotopia family of sites offers some great online resources for teachers and students. I have added Kidtopia search to the Links for Students page on the library website, and Infotopia and TeacherTopia to the Links for Teachers page."
               Karen Sekiguchi,Smith Elementary, Danvers, MA

"Try this search engine: http://www.kidtopia.info. It was created for elementary students by Michael Bell, Former Chair of the Texas Association of School Librarians, and retired school and university librarian. Primary Sources Search Engine. Their web sites/search engines are FREE and they only include sites recommended by teachers or librarians. (Google safe search is always on and we collect no information from our users.)"
               Carlisle ISD Elementary Library, Price, Texas

"Kidtopia--There are so many subjects I can choose from and as an English teacher, I chose Language Arts and I can find Authors, Illustrations, Storis, Writing, Vocabulary, you name it! I choose Stories and was given sites like Children Storybooks Onilne, Enchanted Learning Stories, Light Up Your Brain, etc. There are resources for teachers as lesson plans or activities as well as videos for children to watch. I would definitely recommend this site to the primary school teachers."
               FSUEcho, Teacher

"Kidtopia--search engine for kids, librarian approved sites with no "junk""
               Amy Jensen, Shackelford Librarian, Waxahachie ISD, Texas

"New Google-alternative Safe Search Engine- Like Infotopia.info, created by Dr Michael Bell, Kidtopia is a Google Custom search engine of SELECTED sites. Like Infotopia, Kidtopia includes only sites previously recommended by librarians and teachers. Like Infotopia, Kidtopia is also free. Kidtopia, however, is aimed at providing information for lower and middle elementary students, while Infotopia serves upper elementary, middle, and some high school."
               Gordon's Library Links

"There are many different search engines apart from Google and Bing. Kidtopia is a search engine that has been designed to contain primary student friendly resources. Use the search engine Kidtopia to find more resources for your assignment."
               Millbank Public Schools, Australia

"'Kidtopia is a safe and reliable search engine that students of all ages can use to research information. The resources it provides are kid friendly and they are also at a level that children can understand what they are reading.
               ISTE Resources and Materials

"Dear CSCOPE Friends, ... since we no longer have free access to the K-12 Databases from EBSCO, I want to share with you all a new search engine www.kidtopia.info. It will help us, although it does not have all the kid-friendly resources that we had through EBSCO ..."
               Betty Riggins, M. Ed. ELA Specialist Grades K-5, Region 7 Education Service Center,                Kilgore, Texas

"Kidtopia - A great site for elementary librarians to find search engines for elementary age students. All sites are evaluated as safe and effective. Graphics are excellent. Colored pencils contain subject matter (Language Art, Science, etc.). I choose Language Arts, and my choices included Illustrators, Stories, Writing, Vocabulary, etc. I choose Authors and was given sites such as Yahoo Kid Author, Author Spotlight and Literacy Web. I will bookmark this site."
               Laura Dickson`s Blog

"Kidtopia ... a Google alternative student safe search engine suitable for Primary school students with websites approved by teachers. Very easy to navigate, it opens the door to lots of Science experiments suited to the Expo. Go to http://kidtopia.info/ , click on ‘Science’. On the next page click on ‘Science Projects.’ Click on Penn State to get an idea of experiments using foodstuffs. Click on the headings for instructions."
               Year 6 ... Science Expo Pathfinder

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