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Browse Ancient Civilizations
KidRex, Fun and Safe Search Engine for Kids : Ancient Civilizations
Ancient History - explore ancient civilisations through games and quizzes - Mummy Maker, Iron Age Life, Ancient Greece, Pyramid Challenge (click Ancient History to reveal the games)
ancient history,Ancient Rome,Avebury,Stonehenge,Ancient World Maps,Easter Island,Ancient Near East,Mesoamerican Cultures,Aztecs,Mayans.
National Geographic Kids features information, games, and puzzels related to King Tut's Tomb, 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, Incas and Women of the Ancient World
CyberSleuth Kids features links to ancient civilization clipart - Babylonian clipart, Egyptian clipart, as well as images related to Machu Picchu and the Valley of the Kings.
Explore Ancient Civilizations for Kids including Ancient Iraq, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, Ancient China, and more.
Explore Ancient Civilizations for Kids including China, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Kush, Phoenicia, Pompeii, Hebrews, Greece, Rome, the Indus Valley and More. Ancient Civilizations,Egypt,heiroglyphics poems,ancient Greece,Greek philosophers,inventors scientists,heroes,Alexander the Great,Hercules,Greek Gods Learn about early humans, Mesopotamia,and ancient life in Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, India and more.
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